Sustainability and Innovation

    TALLERES FANDOS, S.L. is committed to meeting the transport needs of today without compromising on the transport needs of tomorrow. This is done by supplying products and services that anticipate the new environmental and safety regulations.


    The quality and environmental policy of TALLERES FANDOS, SL is based on the following commitments:

    – Provide products and services with outstanding quality, both in sales and in customer service. This includes tachograph service for commercial vehicles. We work hard to meet our clients’ expectations and conform to the environmental legislation and quality standards expected of our company.

    – Prevent pollution that our activity may cause.

    – Continuous improvement and review the effectiveness of our processes and our environmental performance.

    – Comply with requirements that could be asked of us by other organizations.

    In order to meet these commitments we implement, maintain and improve our quality and environmental systems, according to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 66102

    The board of TALLERES FANDOS, SL makes the commitment to assume responsibilities and goals derived from its Quality and Environmental Policy. It does this through the adoption of instruments and tools specified in the system it has implemented.


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