• History

    TALLERES FANDOS was founded in 1924 by Mr. Maximiliano Fandos Piquer in Cuevas de Almudén, Teruel. In the beginning, the company was dedicated to the manufacture and the repair of agricultural machinery. Afterwards, the manufacture of bodywork was added as a new line of business.

    In 1970, the company was relocated to Teruel city. In 1981, Mr. Fandos Piquer founded a trading company with his four children. This new business was aimed at the sale of industrial and agricultural machinery.

    In the 80’s, the company became a FIATAGRI dealer and the dealership of industrial vehicles IVECO was incorporated in 1986 with the arrival of this brand to Spain.

    In 1993, a contract to become a PEGASO dealer was signed and when IVECO purchased PEGASO, a new dealership contract was signed with IVECO PEGASO, SA.

    In 1997, TALLERES FANDOS, SL inaugurated new facilities in the industrial area “La Paz” in Teruel. These modern facilities are equipped with latest technological innovations to provide a comprehensive service to road transport and 15,000 square meters to meet the most demanding needs of road transport.

    In 2000, TALLERES FANDOS, SL purchased the old PEGASO facilities next to our current facilities and both were grouped together to form a transport service complex over 20,000 square meters in size.

    In 2007, a Family Protocol was implemented, which lay the groundwork for the handover to the next generation which was coming of age in the company.

    In 2009, a 30,000 square meter yard was constructed for used vehicles. The company developed the export of used vehicles and has since then sold more than 450 units.

    In 2010, an agreement was reached with IVECO to expand the reference area as official dealer to cover the whole province of Teruel and an authorized workshop in Alcaniz was opened.


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