• Vision, Mission and Values


    To be the province’s indisputable leader in the industrial vehicle sector both in the national and international markets, as measured by sales volume, quality and service of our products and services. Our goal is to place the customer at the center of attention, and offer quality and support which allow the forging of long lasting relationships.

    Our VISION

    To have sales and aftersales teams which excel in their ability, attitude, efficiency and pride.

    Our VALUES

    Value and efficiency: We believe that the efficient performance of our products and services is a tool that drives the economic growth of our customers’ companies, and helps their success to be our success and vice versa.

    Determination: We live up to our responsibilities. We do it by trying to constantly improve our services and by giving priority to our customers’ productivity, to environmental protection and to safety.

    Reliability: Keeping the promises made to our employees and customers is an obligation in our way of working. We contribute to the good reputation of our company by keeping the promises of profitable products and services delivered on time.

    Team Spirit: Customers, suppliers and our staff are members of the team that helps us to lead the market by is constantly aware of how to be competitive, and how take the next step in order to anticipate our competitors.







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